Don’t look for just any job. Look for a boss who recognizes your VALUE

Imagine you are in a career you love and work with an amazing inspiring team. Each day at work is a joy and you feel motivated to start the day. Even on dark and dreary days, you still feel grateful for the people and the job.

Unfortunately, not everyone will experience such things. Some people feel ‘stuck’ and others may have no choice. Learning how to switch your mindset is key. Ask yourself what it is you are looking for in a company? Is it salary? Environment? Position? Although these may be important, we tend to focus on our short-term happiness vs our long-term happiness. If we choose a company we love but the team environment is not what you expected then disappointment will soon follow.

Take time to research and do your homework regarding not only the company but the team (manager) well. By going the extra step will save you heaps in future disappointments.

You have the skill set and you have the know-how. If a boss truly appreciates and recognizes your abilities, this will give you the confidence to excel quickly.

Search for positions that are of true interest to you. Look for individuals associated with that department and reach out to the boss. Even if a position is not available within the company, it’s worth reaching out to learn more about what a particular position would entail and how someone would add value to that position. Get to know the boss and if possible the team. It’s important for them to understand your skill set and abilities.

Always remember, your VALUE is what companies look for. How can you add VALUE to the company but most important, how the company can add VALUE to you. Don’t underestimate your abilities.

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