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Well hello there!  Greetings from the Wonderful World of Writing where you will find effective and well-organized technical writing documentation for your business and/or personal requests.

As a writer for the last 25 years, I create tailored writing solutions to simplify your life and lift the burden of writing procedures & processes to save you time, energy, and resources.



  • High quality design of procedures and policies and easy to follow manuals
  • Maintain client satisfaction and satisfy auditors/HR/management
  • Modernize and develop consistent manuals for easy updates
  • Implement organizational strategies to effectively create a better  working environment
Services Offered

Content Creative Technical Writing

Dynamic, Innovative and Compelling Creative Writing plunging into the depths of informative pieces.

Policy & Procedure Documentation

Strategic, Assertive and straight to the point documentation that guarantees clear yet manageable instruction.

Editing & proofreading

 An ‘eagle eye’ vision with meticulous form to ensure flawless text in documents.


Letter & Resume Writing

Impeccable First Impressions with professional documents is what I create.


Speech Writing

Don’t know where to start? It all begins with a thought to expand upon.


Designs of Job Descriptions

Clear, Concise, and relevant to the job duties.

Press Releases

Compelling and state of the art story captivating the essence of piece.

Article & Blog Review

Feedback on focal point, evaluation, & more!


Dr. Livingston, I presume?

Why do I need this?

  • Mitigate Risks
  • Minimize Financial Costs
  • Improves Operational Excellence

  • Saves Valuable Time

Why is it important?

Outdated documents hurt your day-to-day operations resulting in inconsistencies, inefficient training, little to no accountability, and wasted time. Implementing a policy management system can be a significant remedy to these issues.

Technical Writing

Make Your Content a Priority.

Throughout my career I have focused on risk management performing high-level assessments such as prioritizing high and low risk procedures, leading motivated and productive teams, and driving policy development and implementation to minimize liability risk for various industry sectors including financial services.

I have worked with for profit and nonprofit organizations developing content for websites, scripting press releases, managing biographies for HNWI, writing content for Medium & Issue, plus many more.

How I Work


Identify target audience/Who is going to be the end receiver?

How can I tailor my writing style to match my audience?

How integral is the procedure to the success, support, and enablement of daily operations?

Technical Writing


What is the purpose or objective of writing these procedures?

How critical is the document to achieving your vision, mission, values and goal?

What is the overall goal of this procedure and what do we want the end user to get out of it?

How urgent is the need for written directions on this subject?


✓ Will my intended audience find my writing style effective?

✓ What questions might the end user have? (empathy)

Technical Writing


✓ How unclear or complex is this issue to the employee?

✓ Does the document communicate executive direction such as vision, mission, values, or objectives?

✓ Will these procedures resolve existing challenges?

✓ How often will employees refer to the document?

Inspire. Create. Explore.

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