Energy for the Day

When was the last time you felt energized in the middle of the day?  If you can make it halfway through the day with the same amount (or more) of energy you must be doing something right…right??

Two words that have worked for me…Intermittent Fasting. By fasting twice throughout the day while staying hydrated and eating incredibly healthy (I can personally vouch for) will not only produce long lasting energy but will help immensely with productivity. A day in my world of maintaining a clear and focused mind with sustained energy:

  1. Wake up
  2. Put your gym clothes on and go out for a walk (even if it’s around the house). As you get into the groove of this every morning start making small goals. Ex. 3K steps before breakfast…nothing too strenuous!
  3. Drink a tall glass of plain water and start work
  4. Smoothie time! You can find lots of online smoothie recipes to make. My favorite is the green smooth with power greens, kiwi, pineapple, and banana. Yum!
  5. Cup of Morning Tea (my favorite is Ginger Turmeric from Trader Joes)
  6. Keep drinking only water through the morning (a small cup of black coffee – no cream or sugar usually does the trip if I feel I need a ‘pick me up’)
  7. Big Power Salad with vegetables for lunch with half a lime and olive oil for dressing
  8. Afternoon walk after the salad (I usually walk around 3K)
  9. Cup of afternoon tea (my favorite is Pure Peppermint from Twinings)
  10. Keep drinking only water throughout the afternoon
  11. ½ or 1 chicken breast with steamed veggies, rice, and black bean salsa

I do my best to stick to this as it’s simple and easy to follow. Good luck!

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